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Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning plays an important role in the heating and ventilation system.

It’s just as crucial to keep your AC working in the winter as it is in the summer.

A regular service of your air conditioning system could potentially save you money in costly repairs at a later date.

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Regular service of air conditioning

Facts and tips….


It’s recommended that your air conditioning system is serviced at least every 24 months.


Each year it is normal for your AC to lose gas, or refrigerant, from the system.


Use your air conditioning to speed up windscreen demist in the winter.


A FREE air conditioning system check is on offer here at Garden City Garage.

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Air Conditioning Faults

Our experienced technicians offer AC system diagnosis and have the skill and equipment to find a fault the first time.

Call us today to discuss any faults or to book in an AC system diagnosis.

Air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Service

At Garden City Garage our AC service offers a series of comprehensive checks to guarantee a smooth running air conditioning system.

Call us to book in for our air conditioning service today.

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To discuss your air conditioning requirements or book in for your air conditioning service, call us today.

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