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Car Battery Neath

Car Battery Neath

A healthy car battery is essential to the correct operation of your vehicles electrical systems.

It is part of a larger energy management system and it is important that this system is assessed as soon as a fault is believed to exist.

Our technicians at Garden City Garage have the skills and tools to deliver an accurate diagnosis.

If a new battery is required, we have an extensive range in stock allowing you to choose the right mix of cost and performance.

All batteries are sold with full guarantees, with some of them guaranteed up to four years.

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Car Battery Neath
Car battery system testing

System Testing

There are many causes of a flat battery. Our technicians test the battery to determine whether there is a fault with the battery itself or just a symptom of another problem on the vehicle.

Car battery charging

Battery Charging

At Garden City Garage, we believe in offering you great value, this is why we’ll aim to recharge your battery in order to save you money where possible, rather than just replace it.

Booking Garden City Garage Neath

Book your test

There is more to fitting a battery than you might think. Our technicians have the skills, knowledge and equipment to program your new battery ensuring correct operation of all the vehicles electrical systems.

Book your battery test

To book for your battery test, or to discuss any concerns you have about the electrical systems on your car, call us today.

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