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Car repairs at Garden City Garage

Car Diagnostic

Is there a fault light flashing or perhaps an electrical issue? Something not sounding or feeling quite right with your vehicle? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Car diagnostic is a speciality here at Garden City Garage.

We offer the perfect combination of the right information, the correct tooling, and highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis.

We aim to swiftly diagnose any vehicle issues the first time we see them.

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Fault light flashing

The diagnostic evaluation process

Car service seven sisters neath diagnostic evaluation

Don't you just plug in a computer?

The use of a computer is obviously an important part of the evaluation (point three in our process) and faults can be highlighted here.

However, one fault code could have many causes which is why the tests in point seven are essential to identify the exact cause.

Comprehensive testing is an essential element in the process and ensures a first time fix with the lowest possible cost.

Finance options available

What does a diagnostic evaluation cost?

The final cost of diagnosis is calculated on the number of tests required for your vehicle, and every vehicle is different.

Initial evaluation costs are £75 inc VAT which typically covers the above points from one through to eight.

We will contact you with our recommendations if the number of tests required exceeds the initial evaluation quote.

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