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Car Lighting Neath

Car Lighting Neath

For your own road safety, and that of other road users, it is crucial that your car bulb, headlights, side lights, tail lights, and brake lights are fully functioning. 

The replacement of a car bulb can be a tricky process on some vehicles which is why here at Garden City Garage we can supply and fit quality bulbs.

If there is an issue with your HID or LED lights then our knowledgeable technicians are up to speed and can help with the latest lighting systems.

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Car Lighting Neath
Xenon high voltage bulbs

Xenon High Voltage Bulb

Is your car fitted with Xenon bulbs? If so, we must warn you that they operate around 25,000 volts. So if you feel a little nervous about changing these bulbs yourself, call us today at Garden City Garage where we can help.

LED headlight bulbs

LED Lights

LED lights are fitted in the latest vehicles and integrate with the many other computer systems on your car.  Our technicians have all the knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair LED lighting faults to keep you safe on the road.

Car Lighting Neath

Should you have a problem with your HID or LED lights, our technicians can diagnose the latest lighting systems and provide you with a speedy resolution.

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