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Car Servicing Neath

Car Servicing Neath

Servicing your car or van will reduce the risk of a breakdown, enhance fuel efficiency and ensure optimum vehicle performance, whilst helping to avoid unexpected and potentially costly repairs. 

A wide range of service options are available here at Garden City Garage. Our highly skilled technicians are experts in their specific fields, are fully qualified in the latest repair techniques, use the most advanced tools, and LOVE what they do!

Not only that but we only use quality parts to ensure your warranty is maintained, and all repairs are executed to the highest standard, guaranteed.

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Garden City Garage Neath

Car Servicing Benefits


Your Safety: Regular servicing will find any potential problems before they become serious. Why chance your safety, or that of your family, by missing regular checks of critical components such as brakes or suspension?


Vehicle Maintenance: Regular servicing preserves and prolongs the life and reliability of your vehicle. In turn, this can reduce the risk of a breakdown and can help maintain the future resale value.


On the Road: A regular service for your car, whilst not a legal requirement, can increase the chance of your car passing its MOT. This will keep you and your car safe, as well as  increasing reliability on the road.


Your Money: A car service can provide early warning on potential problems that could save you money in the long run. Quality tyres and a smoother running engine can improve your mpg, saving you money at the petrol station too.

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When is my car service due?

It’s recommended that most cars book in for an annual service, with many of our clients combining a service with an MOT for convenience.

Service indicators or service lights fitted on some vehicles will alert you to when a service is due, but if you’re ever unsure, we’re here to help, so give us a call! Once we have serviced your car, we will log the details and be sure to send you a reminder when the next one is due.

Booking Garden City Garage Neath

When can I book?

At Garden City Garage we will try our best to get you booked in for a car service Seven Sisters Neath at the most convenient time for you. 

We are open six days a week, can offer late bookings and for your convenience, an out-of-office-hours drop-off and collection service. Just ask the team when you book in. For more information or to book in your car, call us now.

Car Servicing in Neath

To discuss all your service and repair requirements, call us today at Garden City Garage.

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What does a service include?

Natural wear and tear on your car can happen with every mile driven.

Our outstanding technicians ensure optimum vehicle performance and safety is maintained by following the service schedule outlined by each specific manufacturer for the lifetime of your car.

Car Servicing Neath

A service with Garden City Garage promises a thorough check of your vehicle, in the areas outlined below:


Lighting & Visibility – Front and rear lighting are inspected for correct operation. Additional items such as glass, wipers, exterior mirrors and registration plates are also investigated.


Steering, Drive, and Suspension – All joints, gaiters and wheel bearings are given a comprehensive review, followed by an inspection of the front and rear shock absorbers and road springs.


Under Vehicle – Under trays are removed to enable the engine oil to be drained and to check transmission for leaks. All fuel lines are inspected for security, replacing fuel filters as and when required.


Under Bonnet – A full visual inspection is performed to ensure no leaks exist and all components are serviceable. Where required serviceable items such as air filter, oil filter, sparks plugs, drive belts, etc are replaced.


Braking – Checks and measurements are taken from the front and rear brake components to enable accurate service life reporting. Braking components are dismantled, cleaned and refitted to ensure correct operation if required.


Vehicle Interior – Seat belts, horn, hazard lighting, as well as all vehicle controls are thoroughly inspected, as well as reviewing the operation of the driver displays. Vehicle computers are scanned for both intermittent and/or permanent faults.


Tyre Inspection – Road wheels and tyres are checked for serviceability, adjusting tyre pressures prior to refitting. The spare wheel is inspected or inflation kit checked for operation, if applicable.


Final Checks – Brake fluid and antifreeze tests conclude your car service, and the engine is filled with new oil. To end the service, your vehicle is road tested and the service book or the online service record updated.

We'll keep you in the know

Garden City Garage guarantees an open and honest conversation with you about your vehicle and we’ll never surprise you with unexpected costs.

When you book a service with Garden City Garage, we will run an initial inspection on your car and contact you to discuss any work needed before we carry out any repairs.

Our aim is to get you back on the road – in a safe car, you can trust – as soon as possible.

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Garden City Garage Neath
Garden City Garage Neath

Out of hours drop-off

For the most convenient service, we can provide an out-of-hours drop-off and collection service. Just ask the team when you book in.

Garden City Garage Neath

What's the cost?

Garden City Garage offer a full range of services to suit all requirements and budgets, with great value guaranteed.

Exhaust repairs affordable payment plan

Spread the cost

An affordable payment plan can be arranged meaning you can spread the cost of your yearly service and any repair work.

Courtesy car options

A range of courtesy vehicles are on offer through Garden City Garage, so we can keep you on the road whilst your vehicle is in our care. Please let our team know if you require a courtesy car when you are making your service booking.

Book Your Car Servicing in Neath

To discuss all your service and repair requirements, call us today at Garden City Garage.

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