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land rover lacking performance

Land Rover Sport (manifold absolute pressure/mass or volume air flow correlation)

When you choose to buy a Land Rover Sport, you will be looking to enjoy the 3.0-litre TDV6 supercharged engine. That feeling of power and performance brings joy and excitement that can’t be easily replicated.

When Mr M brought his 2012 Land Rover Sport into our Land Rover Specialists, you can imagine his disappointment that the performance was lackluster at best every time he accelerated. A warning light would appear on the dashboard—a frustrating reminder of the Land Rover’s restricted performance and a potentially significant issue with the vehicle if left unresolved.

The client then advised that the fault would happen more when the engine was hot. He brought the Land Rover Sport to our team of experts as he knew we were the local Land Rover garage that could offer him advice and support in getting his Land Rover back to peak performance.


Starting with our 15 step diagnostic process, our Land Rover specialists began with a complete visual inspection of the Land Rover Sport. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, so our experts used their knowledge and expertise to pinpoint the problem.

Our expert technicians knew from previous experiences that the fault could only be caused by something wrong with the air mass sensors, an air leak or some restriction within the intake system. Accessing the supply data gave the fault code:

  • P006A-00 – manifold absolute pressure – mass or volume air flow correlation

Knowing that the fault had to be coming from one of the above areas and using Land Rover manufacturer information, our team began looking at the live data for the air mass, manifold pressure and throttle flap. We ran the same test downloads with the engine off, ignition on and with the vehicle running. These tests showed no faults.

With the live data not showing any faults, our Land Rover specialists started narrowing down the possible causes. They began by looking at the intake system as their initial thought was an air leak within the system.

The air intake system provides continuous airflow into the car’s engine, offering consistent power and improved mileage. The air mixes with the fuel within the manifold, then ignites to provide that 3.0-litre TDV6 supercharged performance. With a faulty air intake system, performance will always be compromised.

A complete visual inspection of the intake system revealed no splits or leaks within the hoses. The team did notice some oil residue around the throttle body. Oil on the throttle body means that some more investigation was needed into the air intake system. Our experts knew that if oil was present on the throttle body, we needed to complete a smoke test to check for cracks within the plastic intake components.

Smoke testing is used to locate leaks within the intake system. Using a smoke machine, our Land Rover specialist technicians tested the piping and intake components for leaks.

The team removed one intercooler hose to access the intake system and with the smoke pro tester, and then we pressurised the intake system, and we found that the throttle body had a split within the plastic housing. This split would be causing the loss of performance and power.


To fix the fault and get the Land Rover Sport back to the client, our team knew they needed to replace the throttle body and then undertake a throttle calibration. The team changed the throttle body and completed the throttle calibration and re-tested for leaks.

The system was now airtight, and all appeared to be working. We confirmed that the Land Rover Sport was back to its previous performance with a final check and a road test. There was no restriction on the performance anymore; it was back to its supercharged best! Performing just as the manufacturer had intended.

With the vehicle back to its premium condition, we handed the car back to Mr M, and he was delighted to have his Land Rover back within 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of what the local Land Rover dealer would have charged.


Here at Garden City Garage, we’re the local Land Rover garage looking after clients within the Neath/Swansea area. We use our knowledge and expertise to make sure our clients can enjoy their cars without breaking the bank, all whilst keeping our client’s safety as our priority.

Using genuine parts in all our Land Rover Service and Repairs means maintaining the integrity of our client’s vehicles.

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