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mercedes loss of power

Mercedes Benz with a Loss of Power

As a car owner, you will be fully aware that regular maintenance and servicing are key in maintaining the integrity and safety of your vehicle. And this is key for all cars.  But with premium brands like Mercedes, ongoing maintenance is also crucial in ensuring that the unique Mercedes power and performance isn’t lost.  A loss of power from your engine is not just an inconvenient expense, it is also potentially dangerous.  Imagine driving along, putting your foot down and experiencing a sudden loss of power.  What would you do?  What if you had a line of traffic behind you?  What if there was nowhere to pull over?   

So imagine how our client felt when his regularly serviced Mercedes lost power, leaving the performance limp and unrecognisable from everything he is used to.

After all, a vehicle engine is a complex piece of machinery that requires many different moving parts to work in sync. And when a problem occurs, there is no telling what is actually wrong with your car without the insight of a skilled technician. 

So when Mr D noticed an issue with his Mercedes-Benz CLS 320, he brought the car to our Seven Sisters (Neath) based garage. When he met with our expert team of Mercedes specialists, he explained that he had already visited two other garages, but they were unable to locate the fault. Hence, he was now standing in our workshop, trying to find out what was happening with his beloved Mercedes CLS 320.

mercedes loss of power


As the local Mercedes garage, Garden City Garage was happy to receive the Mercedes from Mr D and wasted no time diagnosing why this superb vehicle had lost its oomph.  

Using our 15 step diagnostic evaluation, our team of Mercedes specialists immediately got access to the vehicle supply data. Unfortunately, this vehicle had several faults. 

  • P2626 – Soot Content of DPF too high
  • P2350 – Inlet port shutoff motor short to ground
  • P2527 – EGR positioner short to ground
  • P2514 – Vent line heater short to ground
  • P2526 – Charge pressure positioner short to ground
  • P2376 – Throttle valve actuator – voltage low

That’s a lot of faults!  

And the only way to give Mr D the level of commitment and service that Garden City Garage is renowned for, our technicians immediately called on their expertise and knowledge to identify the root cause of the faults. 

Armed with the fault codes, now it was time to get to the why’s and how’s.  

It is important to remember that accessing the supply data and the fault codes are simple, but the art of narrowing down the issue requires high levels of experience and skills, as well as ensuring all appropriate tests are completed to get to the very root of the problem.


Our technicians wasted no time consulting the Mercedes wiring diagram to find out if the components that weren’t working were connected to the same fuse. This was the first point to check to see if we could clear some of these faults with a fuse change.  So with the fuse change completed, the technicians checked for an update on the fault codes. 

Some of the faults had now been resolved, but some remained. We therefore continued our evaluation. Our experience of working on Mercedes indicated that we needed to investigate the turbocharger. We discovered signs of impact to the impeller and oil leaking onto the actuator. 

Our next steps were to replace the turbocharger, repair the swirl flap and replace the rod, the swirl flap actuator and a fuse. With all these parts replaced or repaired, our Mercedes specialists were within reaching distance of the CLS 320 being fixed.

Our priority here at Garden City Garage is always client safety, and we make sure that everything we do is with the client and those around them in mind. Garden City Garage values our customers, and we would never repair or replace any unnecessary parts. This means we offer our clients outstanding customer service, honesty and integrity and ensure they never pay for any work that isn’t needed.

So instead of a total replacement of the Mercedes intake manifold, we chose to repair the swirl flaps and manifold. This saved the customer money and time and gave him the peace of mind that he made the right choice when he came to Garden City Garage. 

Not only did we save the customer money, but we also provided an exceptionally high standard of work at great value, as well as a quick turnaround on this complicated job. Something we pride ourselves on at Garden City Garage.

Mercedes-Benz Fault Codes Fixed at Garden City Garage

If you are reading this and own a Mercedes-Benz, any year, any model, and experiencing issues, you need Garden City Mercedes Garage. When it comes to maintaining your Mercedes, we always advise that regular servicing will help make sure problems don’t build up.

To book your Mercedes Service or if you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle, get in touch today! We have a team of Mercedes experts ready to get you back on the road.  

Call Garden City Garage on 01639 701604 and claim back the performance you are used to from your premium vehicle.

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