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range rover adblue malfunction

What does the AdBlue warning light (P049B-00) mean and how to fix it

Have you ever been caught out by that AdBlue warning light popping up? For some reason, so many people leave it. “I’ll get it sorted next week.” But left alone the repair bill skyrockets. 

Or even worse, your car’s AdBlue alert system doesn’t function as it should? 

This happened to Mrs W from Seven Sisters, Neath. And if it weren’t for our expert technician Joshua, she’d have been none the wiser. 

Initially, Mrs W drove into Garden City Garage in her Range Rover Evoque, looking for her regular AdBlue top-up. She believed that the Engine Management Light displayed was linked to the Range Rover AdBlue malfunction. It’s pretty common and happens every 5000-8000 miles depending on your car.

range rover adblue malfunction

After an initial assessment, Joshua knew something wasn’t right, and the Range Rover Evoque systems needed checking over. This was when the P049B-00 error code made an appearance. 

Fortunately for Mrs W, our team are specialists in Range Rover diagnostics & error codes. Combining the high levels of training with our 15 step diagnostic process guarantees we get to the root cause quickly, cutting down your repair costs. 

And because we’re committed to investing in the constant training of our team, you can be confident in a first-time fix. 

This allows you to get your car back on the road quickly without spending a fortune on labour costs or sacrificing your safety. 

The error code mentioned earlier led Joshua to use TOPIX (the Range Rover diagnostics guide) to help diagnose the issue, which is how he discovered there might be a problem with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. 

After checking the readings of our 15 step diagnostic process, everything pointed to excessive soot preventing the EGR from operating correctly. 

But, Joshua said, “I knew it could also be caused by other issues such as DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) not working correctly and AdBlue injection failure, knowing this I carried out live data readings”. 

Upon receiving the live data, it was clear the AdBlue system wasn’t at fault. So Joshua investigated the DPF further, which is when he discovered the root cause. The DPF had failed to do its job, causing soot to clog the car’s EGR system.

range rover adblue malfunction

It’s no wonder the Range Rover Evoque engine light had made an appearance. 

Engine management lights can appear for a variety of reasons and is rarely the problem it initially seems.

Mrs W’s AdBlue warning light turned into a broken filter and a clogged exhaust. It could have spelt disaster if it hadn’t been spotted early on. 

So what was Joshua’s solution?

Simple, he replaced the DPF and EGR gasket to create a fresh seal to prevent any soot from going where it shouldn’t be. 

range rover adblue malfunction

The car was taken on a test drive through a full cycle, allowing all of the car’s exhaust sensors to read new values and clear all fault codes. 

Once the car had passed this final test, it was given back to Mrs W ahead of schedule. 

Testing the cars using our 15 step process to identify any issues efficiently ensures all our customers can have their vehicle back quickly. 

Time is money, and by fixing your car promptly, we can save you up to 50% off the usual rates you’d have to pay at other specialist dealerships without sacrificing quality. 

Don’t settle for a sub-par service that only fixes the problems they see on the surface; this is a sure way to end up with larger expenses down the line. 

If you’re having trouble with your Range Rover, don’t hesitate to reach out. At Garden City Garage, our expert technicians have decades of knowledge and experience dealing with Range Rovers and the issues they often face. The quicker you call, the quicker your car’s back on the road.

Call us on 01639 701604, and we can discuss how we can help you get your car back to full health. 

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