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What to do if your Range Rover Evoque won’t lock

Are your car locks not working as they should?

Nothing worse than driving your car somewhere only to find you can’t lock it. It leaves your valuables and car vulnerable.

This is what happened to Mrs E’s Range Rover Evoque.

Mrs E had a frustrating issue where her car doors wouldn’t lock or unlock with the key fob. To make matters worse, the lock buttons inside the car started to play up.

As her car wouldn’t lock properly, it affected the car’s alarm system, rendering it useless. It’s the last thing you want for your luxury car.

After persisting with the issue for a few days, Mrs Evans contacted our specialists at Garden City Garage and booked her Range Rover Evoque for a check-up.

The Assessment

During the initial inspection, our Land Rover specialists confirmed Mrs Evans’ Evoque could be locked and unlocked manually, but neither the fob nor the internal controls worked.

The Range Rover had no visual errors appearing on the dashboard, and our experts found no fault codes.

However, our Land Rover specialist was confident he could fix the problem as he’d encountered similar issues before. But first, more testing was required to discover the root cause of the fault.


Even though no fault codes showed during the initial inspection, it was clear there was a deeper issue which needed addressing.

At Garden City Garage, our specialists use a 15 step diagnostic process to guarantee your vehicle’s fault is found the first time. This prevents return visits for the same problems, saving you time, money, and stress.

The 15 step process digs deep to find the smallest issues. Our experts know even the smallest issues can develop into larger problems if they aren’t caught early.

Our specialist’s next step was to test the door latch wiring for power, signal, and grounding according to the Land Rover wiring information provided by TOPIX. But, no faults were found within the wiring.

This led our Land Rover specialist to suspect the door latch had failed internally and would need to be replaced.

Fixing the Range Rover Evoque

As Mrs Evans’ Range Rover Evoque needed new latches, our experts sourced and ordered the replacement parts.

We use only genuine or high-quality Land Rover parts at Garden City Garage to fix your vehicle. Your car gets only the best, ensuring your Land Rover warranty remains intact.

Once the new parts arrived, our Land Rover experts replaced the faulty latches and retested the vehicle’s locking system.

During the retest, the Evoque’s locks worked like new. The key fob and the internal locking controls showed no faults, and Mrs E’s car was back in working order.

Our specialists gave the Evoque a complete once over to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues before delivering the Range Rover Evoque back to Mrs E.

Mrs E was delighted to have the Evoque back so quickly and was impressed the bill didn’t break the bank.

Garden City Garage aims to provide shorter lead times and better value than the main Land Rover dealer.

We also provide you with a free courtesy car and a free collection and delivery service. Mrs E took advantage of our free collection service – she didn’t need to leave the house and could carry on with her day while we fixed her Land Rover Evoque locking system.

What more could you want?


Mrs E’s Land Rover Evoque wouldn’t lock properly, leaving her unable to secure her vehicle.

Luckily, she rang our experts at Garden City Garage, who were pleased to help.

We arranged for the Evoque to be collected from Mrs E’s home, and she was given a complimentary courtesy car so she could carry on with her day uninterrupted.

During the initial assessment, our Land Rover specialists used our 15 step diagnostic process to inspect every inch of the car.

The 15 step process ensures nothing is missed and catches the smallest problems early on.

Our experts found the Evoque needed new latches as the current ones were faulty.

To ensure Mrs Evans’ had no further issues, our Land Rover experts sourced genuine parts for her Evoque. This helps her Land Rover warranty remain intact, removing some stress from the repair.

Once the repair was complete, we delivered her Range Rover Evoque to her door, and she was pleased to have the car back so quickly.

Is your Range Rover suffering from a faulty locking system? If so, speak to our Land Rover experts at Garden City Garage.

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