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Solved: How to fix uneven air conditioning temperatures in a Range Rover Vogue

Air conditioning is a feature you won’t want your Range Rover to be without. But what happens when it’s not working as it should?

Sure, it keeps you cool when the weather is warm. But it also helps to keep you warm during the winter. And it’s a key safety system to ensure your windows don’t fog up.

If your air-con isn’t working as it should, it leaves you with more problems than being too hot in your car. Without it, you risk visibility issues, placing you and your passengers at risk.

This is why Mr C rang us at Garden City Garage. We are Land Rover specialists.

His air conditioning system wasn’t working correctly. The passenger side of his vehicle was blowing out freezing air, while the driver’s side was warm.

This is far from ideal, especially as the summer months are rolling in.

The Problem

During the initial inspection, our Land Rover specialists confirmed the issue by testing the air-con system and performing a visual check.

As no error or warning codes were showing on the Range Rover Vogue’s dashboard, our specialists knew to delve deeper.

Using their in-depth knowledge and the manufacturer information (TOPIX), our Land Rover specialists performed a thorough system check.

Checking the air conditioning gas levels is one of the first possible causes of the problem. It’s pretty common for refrigerant gas to need a refill.

However, the gas levels returned within range for the vehicle model, confirming it wasn’t a regas the Range Rover needed.

With optimal gas levels and no fault codes, it left our specialist technicians suspecting the vehicle had a deeper issue.

The Diagnosis

At Garden City Garage, we use a 15 step diagnostic process to guarantee your Land Rover’s fault is solved the first time. The in-depth analysis helps us spot issues other garages might miss, preventing small problems from developing into major faults.

Our 15 step analysis led our Land Rover experts to believe there was a software issue causing the air-con temperature imbalance.

Like any modern vehicle, the Range Rover Vogue’s internal systems use software to keep everything functioning optimally. Mr C’s Range Rover Vogue uses a complex climate control system to manage the ambient temperature of the vehicle.

Over time the software can become outdated and needs updating. Failing to update the software can leave your vehicle running with inefficient systems.

Simply servicing or regassing the air con wouldn’t fix a software issue. This is something other garages might have overlooked.

Fortunately for Mr C, our Land Rover experts have decades of experience dealing with the brand and knew what to do next.

As our Land Rover specialists suspected the Vogue’s climate system needed a software update, they used the manufacturer information to confirm their suspicion.

Fixing The Range Rover Vogue

As a Land Rover authorised independent repairer we have access to all information and software that the main dealer has.

Our Land Rover technicians found a new version of the software available, pointing them towards a possible solution to Mr C’s problem.

After updating the Range Rover software, a full air-con service was performed to ensure everything was running optimally and nothing had been missed.

The result? The Range Rover Vogue’s air conditioning worked like new.

No more uneven temperature, resulting in a fully functioning air conditioning system and a happy Mr C.

The best part about it is our customer saved 50% off the main Land Rover dealer quote, giving him better value for his money.

Plus, he didn’t need to leave the house as our free pick up and drop off service saved him the hassle of travelling to us.

We had Mr C’s Vogue back to him in full working order on the same day, giving him a faster turnaround than the main Land Rover dealer could too.

Who’d have thought a software update could cause the air conditioning to malfunction? 

I bet Mr C is glad he contacted Garden City Garage, where we use our 15 step process to delve deeper than most other garages.


Mr C contacted us at Garden City Garage as his Range Rover Vogue’s air conditioning wasn’t operating as it should. He was getting uneven temperatures, leaving his passengers freezing while he was warm.

Thankfully he reached out to our Land Rover specialists.

During the initial inspection, our 15 step process helped our experts find the root cause of the problem, solve it, and have his Range Rover Vogue dropped off at his house all on the same day.

Mr C didn’t even leave his house and he saved 50% off Land Rover Swansea dealership prices and an hour’s roundtrip into the city. How’s that for value?

If your Range Rover is having air conditioning trouble, call our Land Rover experts at Garden City Garage and book in today.

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