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Save money with professional wheel alignment

At Garden City Garage we want to keep the motorists in and around Seven Sisters (Neath) safe. We’re also keen to minimise your maintenance costs wherever possible. It’s with this in mind, I thought I’d fill you in as to why it’s worth dotting the i’s when it comes to making sure your wheel alignment is spot on.

Wheel alignment carried out by Garden City Garage, a fully equipped and skilled car service centre will save you £££s in a number of ways.

Extended Tyre Life

A tyre’s surface deteriorates over time because of friction that develops between a tyre and the road beneath. This wear increases when you accelerate and decelerate. It stands to reason, therefore that if your car’s wheel alignment is out of true then your tyres are going to wear irregularly. Unfortunately, this means your tyres have no chance of reaching their full-service life.

Save on Fuel

Car owners are plagued with rising fuel costs, so many are actively seeking ways of increasing their car’s fuel efficiency.  By getting professionals to carry out wheel alignment on your car, you can save a considerable amount of money on your fuel expenses.

The reason your car’s fuel efficiency will increase when you have well-aligned wheels is that with your tyre pressures and the geometry of your suspension set to the manufacturer’s original specifications, your car will use less energy to create its momentum.

This means that less fuel is needed. Indeed, estimates indicate you could save as much as 7% on your fuel costs.

Enhance Safety

When wheels lose their alignment it can cause a car to pull to one side or the other and react in an unpredictable way on different road surfaces. There is no doubt about it : accurate wheel alignment aids road safety.

Show Your Suspension Respect

The suspension is not only important because it ensures you and your passengers enjoy a smooth ride, but it also affects your car’s handling ability and braking distance. If you have not adopted the habit of having your car routinely checked, the chances are you won’t notice any gradual degradation of your suspension.

Because worn suspension affects the geometry of wheel alignment, it is important you have your suspension, tyres and alignment checked whenever you bring your car in for a service.

Periodic upkeep plays a significant part in keeping a vehicle in good shape. When you visit Garden City Garage, we are able to provide your car with the care you need. There are a number of methods that will help increase your vehicle’s mileage and we make sure your car is working at peak efficiency.

When should wheel alignment be checked?

A really bad alignment shows up when you drive. The symptoms to be aware of include:

  • An off-centre steering wheel
  • The car pulling to one side while on a level, straight road
  • Any uneven tyre wear
  • Vibration that can be felt, especially through the steering wheel

If you notice any of these, have the wheel alignment checked. It’s also a good idea when your car is in for other maintenance that you grab the opportunity of having your wheel alignment inspected for peace of mind.

At Garden City Garage we have the very latest technology to ensure that your wheel alignment is correct. For the short time it takes for our technicians to check the alignment there is a lot of money that can be saved.

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