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Winter Health Check Neath

Winter Health Check Neath

Ensuring your car is safe for winter is essential preparation for the colder months. So, Garden City Garage offers a FREE winter health check to make sure you’re not caught out.

Call us today to book your vehicle in, and rest assured that you’re safe and ready to go.

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Winter Health Check Neath

What’s included in a Free Health Check:


Tyres: To make sure your tyres are safe for icy roads, we inspect them for condition, tread depth and pressure.


Brakes: Optimal breaks are extremely important in winter. So, we’ll check your fluid levels and composition, and give your braking components a visual inspection.


Coolant / Antifreeze: Your coolant level and antifreeze strength are at the most critical importance during the colder months, so we check them too.


Visibility: Visibility during winter can be problematic. So, we check your windscreen and wiper blades to make sure they’re in great condition. We even top up your screenwash for free.


Lighting: Your front and rear lights are examined to make sure they’re running correctly for dark commutes.


Battery: Finally, we check your battery, and the charging and starting system.

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